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Good buy

Very soothing and does not make the skin oily and sweaty. My skin is combination type, in humid whether its perfect but in bright sunny days its not suitable for the dry parts of the face. You’ve to apply a little more.

Light yet hydrating

I really like this cream. It’s perfect for my normal skin during the summer. It’s lightweight but moisturising. I deducted a star because I think that it’s not for dry skin people and is expensive. The stickers are cute tho

Loving it!

This was my first purchase from skin bae and the brand Rovectin as well and I must say I'm very happy with my decision. This treatment lotion has a essence like consistency and best part is it is fragrance free. I can see my skin glowing and more hydrated. Quantity is good because little goes a long way with this. Would definitely recommend to others. Thank you skin bae for introducing this to me❤️

Best moisturizer for oily skin

I've been using Clean Lotus Water Cream for close to a month now and see a visible difference in my skin. I have an oily skin and was hoping that this product would do the trick for me (since I'd heard such rave reviews). And it actually did! The cream actually melts onto the skin like water💦. skin feels hydrated n moisturized. Slightly occlusive but does not feel heavy or tacky on the skin. Loved the packaging and fun stickers 😉. Thank you skinbae for bringing this holy grail to Indian consumers.

One of The Best Korean Brands

I am so very glad that Skin bae brought Rovectin to India. Purchased my Third !! It's a good, broad-spectrum SPF, the formulation is great. Doesn't leave any white cast provided you work it in a way it should be and moisturize well prior to applying this, surprisingly gives a BB cream like coverage too.
My skin type is normal and it suits me well. Didn't face any irritation. Go for it if your skin type is normal or oily and if its dry as I said moisturize it well and it'll work wonders !

Light weight

really ideal for oily skin
ps HYRAM APPROVED so bought 2 of them!!!

Really Effective

I have been using this ampoule since a week and I have seen huge difference in my scars. I have been a fan the ordinary niacinamide + zinc fan as it started showing results after one month. But this showed results so quickly and I bought it after reading such good reviews and I didn't believe it'll be so great! Gentle enough to use everyday and non irritating and really hydrating. Do apply sunscreen everyday as it has a chemical exfoliant. Please try this once for sure! And apply it only on problem areas only :)

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Clean LHA Blemish Ampoule
Krishnakshi Goswami
Amazing quality products

This is my second time ordering from Skinbae and their delivery service is incredibly fast. Plus the products are amazing and authentic! Love the Rovectin serum!

Thank you for your review :)

Worth it!

I was a little skeptical before buying it cos it's bit on an expensive side, but I saw very visible reduction in my hormonal breakout that occured on lower side of my cheek after using it the very first time only. It's got no fragrance no essential oils or any other crap and my skin loves it! Definitely worth it's price.

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Really enjoying it

I’ve been using the Rovectin skin essentials treatment lotion and the LHA blemish ampoule for a week now and the results have been promising. I’m still having breakouts but they are healing faster than before and also the hydration this product gives is INSANE. I think it’s too soon to give a proper review right now but my skin has been loving both these products. Thank you skinbae for making this possible.

We appreciate your genuine review :)

Must have serum for dry sensitive skin

I have been using the Rovectin Skin Essential Aqua Activating Serum for good 2 weeks and I am very x 100 times happy with the product. To be honest, this serum was a love at first application but I still held myself and tested it for good 2 weeks and I wanted to wait a week more, but nope, I cannot! The world needs to know about this awing serum! LOL! I guess I am being bit too dramatic here!

For me, any product is a success if I keep reaching out for it and if it adds a healthy glow on my dull, tired, and dehydrated. This serum exactly did that. I feel that if you are going through bad dehydration and just hate the stickiness of the hydrating product on skin, then this serum is something worth checking out. I myself have used some rich hydrating serum but I did find them sticky at the same time.

Key Benefits:- Fading of fine lines, pigmentation and brightening.

My skin type and concerns:- dry, dehydrated, acne prone U-zone

Lipohydroxy acid(LHA) ,commonly known in the cosmetic industry as capryloyl salicylic acid, is a chemical exfoliator.

It is highly lipophilic(more than salicylic acid) and hence has the ability to break down any accumulated sebum produced naturally by our skin. Research has shown that LHA aids in cell by cell exfoliation due to its lower penetration power.

Because of it being less sensitizing though being highly effective in exfoliating the skin, it is often loved by those who have acne but are intolerant to benzoyl peroxide or high concentrations of salicylic acid.

Coming back to the product,
1) contains capryloyl salicylic acid for gentle exfoliation.

2) Contains 4 different types of hyaluronic acids having both higher and lower molecular weight to provide with skin optimum hydrating benefits.

3) Contains Hydroxyethyl Urea which is an excellent ingredient for improving the skin barrier function as urea is also naturally found on the surface of our skin and a part of its Natural Moisturising Factor.

4) Does not contain artificial fragrance or sensitising essential oils.

5) Has a pH of 5.5~6.

7) It is vegan and cruelty free.

8) Contains Niacinamide and glutathione for brightening and fading of acne marks.


1) Expensive. 15ml costs ₹1499 and lasted me for 25 days. I'm guessing that it would've lasted longer had I not initially used it on my entire face.

2) It is quite gentle and hence if you're expecting results overnight, this may not be the product. It takes more than two weeks to see any noticable change in hyperpigmentation.

Important Note:-

>> This product has been designed to be used as a spot treatment. Hence, refrain from using this all over the face and neck if you want it to last longer.

>>It does contain ethanol at the very end of the ingredient list. But it is unlikely to cause dehydration since the there are so many wonderful hydrating ingredients as well. Also since it is at the end of the ingredient list, it's best to assume that the amount present is negligible.

Hope this review was helpful!! ^^
For an even more detailed review, you may visit my blog.

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Clean LHA Blemish Ampoule
Sharon Susan Sam
Clean effective formulation, but not for daily use if you have dry skin or skin barrier problems.

I really loved this serum. It has a beautiful texture and is really effective in providing gentle exfoliation. In 30 days it has slightly improved hyperpigmentation. Skin feels is also great. The ingredients are clean. However, I feel that using it daily has worsened my skin barrier problems. My skin feels a bit too sensitive as I am using it daily. I feel the texture will be great for oily to combination skins. Some caution is advised for dry to combination skin types and especially if you have had prior skin barrier issues.

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